Monday, November 29, 2010


In every good, mediocre, or unknown blog there absolutely must be an opening blog post. I am Alycia Turpin. At this current time in my life I am still in high school, yet I forget it quite often.

Quite recently I have moved from the mountains of Tennessee to the, um, how do I put it? Coldness of Maine. Thankfully, we have experienced quite mild weather recently. I personally expect it to snow this coming week. How wonderful that would be!

I live in a Christian home, found reasons outside of home to keep my relationship with God extremely close, and to this day seek his face. God has placed many wonderful people in my life to encourage me, push me back in the right direction when I'm astray, and give counsel to myself.

Among these wonderful people are my parents. They are full time ministers and full time parents. They have five kids and a son-in-law, my brother-in-law. We're an odd group, but we're definitely closely knit together. I love my family!

I'm a home schooler, so I have plenty of time to expand my gifts and talents. These range between piano, flute, drawing, sketching, photography, and painting. I'm considering learning Spanish, French, Kiswahili, and Japanese. Entiendo el espa├▒ol un poco. I just need to study and practice more.

There are so many wonders to explore out there, so instead of sitting at my computer talking about me, I shall go explore them. God bless you!

I bid you adieu;
In Christ -Alycia

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