Saturday, February 12, 2011

Decor I like

Hello! I've been watching HGTV all day. Hmm, now I want to renovate my room!

I adore the collective style of messy things. Not exactly messy, but nice. :) Pinboards are a lot like what I mean.
The quilt and pillows are so inspiring!
I enjoy the heavy bench in this picture. So cute! :)
from An Inspired Life

The textures and patterns of this room is so calming. I really think that comforter is nice and warm. :)
from Apartment Therapy
I enjoy overly organized things. Strange contrast to the "messy" things, no?

from Shelter Pop

I really like the white wood floors! It's so cute & spacious. I want that in my art room. Haha. :)

I can't wait until I get a Pinterest account! I'm currently on the waiting list. Should be getting one soon, I hope. This way I won't be bothering you with posts like this too much longer.

God bless you!

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